Young people making push ups in training


Young people making push ups in training


Our Boot camps are located at Royal Oak and and Mt Roskill, which have been going 4 years strong. Every week each camp has 3 x 45min sessions. Not one session is the same, using a range of unique fitness programmes that incorporate Boxing, functional movements, HIIT and circuit training. This keeps sessions fresh, fun and exciting. Push yourself to new limits and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a friendly and supportive group fitness environment.

Not to mention the beautiful fresh air of the great outdoors.

Close up shot of man helping woman to st




Want to work on your fitness but don't want to sign up to a gym? We've got you covered. Workout In the comfort of your own home, at a local park or even at your work place. We come to you with all the workout equipment, providing a 30 - 45min full body functional workout. Don't want to workout alone? No problem. We have a couple of fantastic and affordable partner and small group packages also available.

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